Blue Skies Personnel Service

“Blue Skies staff is committed to finding qualified applicants to meet our direct hire needs. The staff is professional, creative and responsive to ensuring quality employees.” ~ Staples Office Supplies

U.S. Businesses lose millions every year from employee turnover. We can help. Our services are provided with no cost to you. Our experienced personnel professionals are ready to talk to you about how you can cut your hiring and training costs while building a loyal staff of dedicated employees.

Blue Skies Personnel services have been acknowledged as one of the state’s most successful employment services. We are a local non-profit staffing service, providing the employment needs of the Northbay. We establish mutually beneficial relationships that fill the needs of our applicants and the employment needs of our local community.

“In our dealings with Blue Skies Personnel Services, we’ve found them to be very responsive to our needs and professional. Their work had high standards, and they offered solutions that we did not consider, which helped us to meet our deadline.” ~ Karen Boudrie, Human Resources, Smith & Hawkins

Look to us to help in building a loyal and motivated staff!

We offer employers:

  • Prescreened qualified applicants
  • A readily available labor force
  • Tax incentives
  • Quality assurance personnel to assist with job training and assure quality work
  • Job analysis, task analysis
  • Support for retaining employees
  • Work environment consultation for increased productivity
  • Expertise in training techniques with supervisors and human resource staff

BLUE SKIES PERSONNEL SERVICES is a staffing service that places qualified clients in temporary and permanent jobs through collaboration with local community businesses and agencies.