Blue Skies Cleaning Service

Blue Skies Cleaning Service is a social enterprise business of Buckelew Programs.   A portion of our workforce includes individuals recovering from mental health issues who are ready to handle the responsibility of leading more self-sufficient lives.

When you choose Blue Skies Cleaning Service, you not only engage a high quality cleaning service, you become a partner in supporting a diverse workplace.


Buckelew Programs is committed to using eco-friendly products. Blue Skies Cleaning Service will provide high quality office cleaning services, using cleaning products that are safe for you, our cleaning staff and the environment.

Blue Skies Janitorial Goes Green! | September 2010 Blue Skies Janitorial Goes Green! | September 2010 (179 KB)

Why go green?

Blue Skies Cleaning Service performs an eco-friendly cleaning service that is good for everyone; our team, our clients and the earth. Many clients, including businesses and schools, are switching to environmentally safe, effective cleaners to improve the health of families, clients and employees.

At Blue Skies Cleaning Service we always keep in mind the health and wellness of our community. We not only clean your space, but we also make sure that we do it in the safest way possible for you and our clients.

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We Provide Effective, Supported Employment. 

“Work provides me with personal satisfaction. Through work I have overcome negative beliefs concerning employment. I’ve found I actually can keep and grow in my job because it is a good fit for me.” 

“The biggest impact that having a job has made for me is that I have better self confidence, self esteem, and I feel better about myself.” 

“Work is the best medicine.” 

“I like the relationship and good communication with crew supervisors. The fact that I never notice a problem is a great sign that we have few, if any problems.”