Our Programs in Sonoma

The SONOMA COUNTY INDEPENDENT LIVING (SCIL) PROGRAM helps clients live independently in the community, individually or in shared households. Staff provides support and mental health services to assist clients in securing and maintaining independent housing, and improving their quality of life and level of self sufficiency. This program also includes intensive services for those who are just leaving long term 24 hour care settings to more independent living opportunities.

TRANSITION AGE YOUTH (TAY) services provide young adults with supportive housing and mental health services and offers special attention to their unique needs in assuming the full responsibilities and rights of adulthood. TAY Program in Sonoma County serves 15 young adults, age 18 - 26, who are in need of mental health services and housing. Many have just been diagnosed with a mental illness for the first time in their lives. Frequently these youth have also experienced homelessness and battled substance abuse. They may be transitioning out of foster care or residential treatment programs for adolescents. 

Our staff, in partnership with Sonoma County Behavioral Health and Social Advocates for Youth (SAY), help these youth learn the skills they need to live and thrive independently, including assistance with finding housing and jobs. The purpose of the TAY Program is to support young adults with mental illness in assuming full responsibilities and rights of adulthood.The TAY Program is funded through a grant from the Mental Health Services Act (Proposition 63). To access services youth must be referred by Sonoma County Behavioral Health and be diagnosed with a severe and persistent mental illness. For more information in regard to services please contact Kristi Toprakci at (707) 571-5593.

FORENSIC ASSERTIVE COMMUNITY TREATMENT (FACT) provides intensive services to at least twelve clients who are involved in the criminal justice system and receiving services from Sonoma County’s FACT program. Master-leased households offer individuals the opportunity to live independently in the community with support from Buckelew staff.

For more information contact the Program Director, Donnell Holmes, at (707) 571-5581 or donnellh@buckelew.org

BUCKELEW EMPLOYMENT SERVICES (BES) is a supported employment program designed to assist individuals develop career goals, establish a vocational life, get and maintain jobs in the community. We also offer paid clerical and janitorial training. BES expanded to Mendocino County in 2014 through a partnership with Manzanita Services in Ukiah. For information on employment services in Sonoma and Mendocino County, contact Jamie Burke (707) 571-5543 or jamieb@buckelew.org

BUCKELEW EMPLOYMENT SERVICES (BES) is a comprehensive program designed to assist people in securing and maintaining employment. Services include pre-employment counseling, vocational training, job development, placement, and job coaching. BES is a vocational rehabilitation service designed to assist people with persistent mental illness to work in the community as independently as possible. It offers a comprehensive approach to securing and maintaining employment. Our training services have proven helpful for people who have never worked, who are uncertain about returning to work, and/or who wish to improve particular skills before seeking new employment. Program participants receive paid training in a self-selected venue learning valuable work skills. Then they are taught job preparation skills such as resume writing, job searching strategies, and interviewing skills. Upon job placement, clients are further buoyed with on-site or off-site retention support, and/or job coaching, as needed.

Sonoma and Mendocino: For information on employment services call Jamie Burke (707) 571-5543 , or email her at jamieb@buckelew.org.  

FAMILY SERVICE COORDINATION offers families of those with mental illness education and referral. The Family Service Coordinator serves as a liaison with Sonoma County Mental Health and other community based organizations and services. Any family member or support person may contact the Family Service Coordinator for assistance in accessing services for themselves or their loved one. Call (707) 571-8452  or email Erika Klohe, Team Leader, erikak@buckelew.org

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