Transition Age Youth Program - Sonoma County

Our Transition Age Youth (TAY) Program in Sonoma County serves 15 young adults, age 18 - 26, who are in need of mental health services and housing. Many have just been diagnosed with a mental illness for the first time in their lives. Frequently these youth have also experienced homelessness and battled substance abuse. They may be transitioning out of foster care or residential treatment programs for adolescents. Our staff, in partnership with Sonoma County Behavioral Health and Social Advocates for Youth (SAY), help these youth learn the skills they need to live and thrive independently, including assistance with finding housing and jobs. The purpose of the TAY Program is to support young adults with mental illness in assuming full responsibilities and rights of adulthood.

The TAY Program is funded through a grant from the Mental Health Services Act (Proposition 63). To access services youth must be referred by Sonoma County Behavioral Health and be diagnosed with a severe and persistent mental illness. For more information in regard to services please contact Kristi Toprakci at (707) 571-5593.