Our Programs in Napa

Buckelew Programs in Napa assist people with serious mental illness to live as independently as possible. Staff work within the philosophy that individuals should have a home that they choose, normal roles, in vivo learning in non-time limited settings, individualized flexible services and long-term support in the most facilitative environment. Staff work closely with persons to help identify recovery goals and assist in finding meaningful activity consistent with those goals.

The Supported Living Program (SLP)

The Supported Living Program (SLP) serves individuals in varying levels of service depending on each person’s abilities and needs.

For all aspects of the program, depending on needs, service providers visit each client’s home on a regular basis to discuss business issues of the household and any interpersonal or personal issues that may arise.The counselor will also provide social services, counseling support, independent living skills education, and assistance to medical appointments, coordinated with Napa County Mental Health.

Staff offer a schedule of group meetings that cover a range of topics such as symptom management, medication education, smoking cessation, nutrition and exercise, cooking and grocery shopping, as well as budgeting and money management. Supportive mental health rehabilitation services include: assistance with individual needs for problem-solving, conflict resolution, coping skills, medication management, goal setting, access to community activities and services, dual diagnosis services, and health care. Crisis intervention is provided with 24-hour on-call accessibility. Services provided teach and enhance movement toward increased self sufficiency.

For more information, contact Napa Program Director, Claudia Mares, (707) 253-2528, ext.1 or claudiam@buckelew.org. Buckelew Programs, 1100 Lincoln Suite 102, Napa CA 94558.