Our Programs

Affordable, Supported Housing:

Buckelew provides a range of supported living situations for adults with mental illness. Some homes have staff onsite 24 hours a day for clients who need more intensive, long-term supports. The majority of the clients live in apartments that are owned or leased by Buckelew, where they receive daily or sometimes weekly visits from staff to assist them to live semi-independently. Clients who don’t need daily visits by staff still benefit from our supportive services as they increase their self-management capabilities and move into their own houses or apartments.

Effective, Supported Employment:

Buckelew Employment Services & Training (BEST) is a vocational rehabilitation service designed to assist people with persistent mental illness to work in the community as independently as possible.
Our training services have proven helpful for people who have never worked, who are uncertain about returning to work, and/or who wish to improve particular skills before seeking new employment.
Program participants receive paid training in a self-selected venue learning valuable work skills. Then they are taught job preparation skills such as resume writing, job searching strategies, and interviewing skills. Upon job placement, clients are further buoyed with on-site or off-site retention support, and/or job coaching, as needed.

Wellness & Recovery Supports:

Buckelew provides a range of services that promote wellness and recovery for people with mental illness. By this we mean that our services are individualized, personcentered, and holistic. Our focus is on our client’s strengths and capabilities. We encourage personal responsibility, empowerment, and engagement with peer-supports. Our approach offers respect, and hope.

Wellness & recovery services are an important part of what we do because studies show that client self-management— their determination to get better, manage the illness, take actions, and make choices—facilitates recovery from mental illness. And by helping our clients to better manage their physical health, we’re making an impact on their quality and duration of life.

Adults with serious mental illness are 5 times more likely to have a co-occurring medical condition than the general population; 42% have at least one chronic physical illness severe enough to limit daily functioning. And, due to largely preventable risk factors like smoking, physical inactivity, and poor nutrition, people with mental illness have a life expectancy that is 25 years shorter than other Americans. We, at Buckelew, are engaging clients in better managing their health and wellness through improved nutrition, exercise, medication monitoring, and smoking cessation throughout all of our programs.

Family Supports:

Our program in Sonoma County offers a full time Family Service Coordinator to provide education, support, and other assistance to family members and others identified as support persons of adults and transition-aged youth with mental illness. While our family support services in Napa and Marin are more informal, we always seek to provide information, referrals, and support to families in need.

Specialized Programs:

Recognizing that one size does not fit all, Buckelew has developed programs that are tailored to the unique needs and interests of different groups of clients in our communities. These include programs specifically geared to transition-aged youth (16-25), to adults with serious mental illness, to adults with a dual-diagnosis of mental illness and substance abuse disorders, and to adults who are also involved in the criminal justice system.

Family Service Agency of Marin:

Family Service Agency of Marin, a division of Buckelew Programs, provides affordable and accessible behavioral and mental health services to children, adults and families. Through every stage of life from pregnancy and childhood to adolescence, adulthood and into the elder years, FSA therapists, counselors and advocates help in times of crisis and transition. FSA has Marin County’s most comprehensive child and family trauma services and also specializes in addiction recovery services. FSA also operates the county’s only 24/7 Suicide Prevention and Crisis Hotline.

Helen Vine Recovery Center:

The Helen Vine Recovery Center, which became a part of Buckelew Programs in April 2011, is a licensed 26-bed co-ed residential detoxification program that provides welcoming, recovery-oriented services to individuals with alcohol and drug addiction issues, as well as co-occurring psychiatric problems. Helen Vine’s services integrate well with Buckelew’s other innovative behavioral health programs. Not only does Helen Vine give people with drug or alcohol problems--including those that have a mental illness--a chance to begin their recovery, they can also find support, acceptance and hope through individualized programs including counseling, education about alcohol and drug addiction, 12-step meetings, medical services, wellness and life care tools, relapse prevention and community mentors.