"Suicide Prevention & Post-Vention" Letter to the editor, Marin Independent Journal, Monday August 20, 2018. @playertamara @BuckelewProgram

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"Our Empower Hour" Hosted by the Russian River Empowerment Center: Karina Zappa and Erika Klohe from Buckelew Programs Sonoma talk about Employment Services and other local resources for mental health consumers and families. KGGV "The Bridge" 95.1fm, March 11, 2016

We Can Make Connections That Save Lives. May 23, 2015, By Margaret Hallett, Director of Family Service Agency, and Linda Allen, Director of Suicide Prevention (published in Marin Independent Journal)

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Mental Health Crisis Call | Guidelines for Effective Communication With 911 Dispatch [pdf]

County seeks to improve communication in mental health interventions
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