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Will Noble

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Will Noble's painting style of intimate ultra-realism is done totally freehand (no projections, no tracings). In his watercolor and oil paintings, he explores waterfalls, creek cascades, tide pools, reeds, rocks, and light reflections on water. The level of detail is impossible to see on the scale of the website, so if you are in the Bay Area, please visit the artist's studio. Most of his subject matter is drawn from the scenic lakes, waterfalls and creeks of Marin County, but there are also paintings that capture the beauty of snow melt cascades and creeks in the Sierra, and of the Oregon coast.

"I am fascinated by the interaction of water with other natural elements:  water cascading across rock, surface patterns, and reflections. Water is a constantly moving, changing element that provides me with an infinite visual stimulus. It is also a finite resource that we take too much for granted. I hope my art brings attention not only to the beauty of water but also to its vital importance to the life of our planet.

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