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The year is almost over; your chances to help are not!

posted: Thursday, December 21, 2017

"Ms. Tee, I want my own housing!" James, 52
Miracles happen… because of your support!

Everyone deserves a clean, safe place to sleep.

A little story so we can remember how miracles happen...and that recovery is real! 

James, a 52 year old with a big smile and a rough life, had been homeless, addicted to alcohol, and struggling with mental illness since he aged out of foster care at 18. He regularly came to Buckelew’s Helen Vine Recovery Center to detox – but this time, he resolved, would be his last time, “because I don’t want to die in the streets.”

He was ready to accept help not only for his alcoholism, but treatment for his never-addressed mental health issues. Helen Vine Director Teresa Bowman (“Ms. Tee”) and her staff prepared James to move into Casa René, another service of Buckelew Programs, where he stabilized on medication, received case management, and finally connected with our permanent supported housing.

After many years of homelessness, living in a brand new apartment was a big adjustment. Move-in day saw tears of joy and fear; “I don’t deserve this…I’m gonna blow it.” Every morning staff visited James to remind him that help was available if he wanted it. At first, he refused to use furniture. After two days of sleeping on the floor he decided to try the mattress – and liked it. After another two, he allowed staff to put sheets on his bed.  Progress. 

It hasn’t been a quick transition to feeling comfortable in his new life but the process has begun. And because James’ relationship with his service providers is built on mutual respect and the confidence that he knows the path of recovery that’s best for him, he will have allies on that path as long as he needs it. 

James' recovery is a miracle that is made possible every day because of the partnership of Buckelew Programs and generous donors- like you. If you're inspired to contribute, please do. Donate now!

If you have already made a donation~ We're grateful! Thank you!

Happiest of Holidays~

from James and all of us here at Buckelew Programs!

The year is almost over; your chances to help are not!