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TeenScreen now affiliated with Stanford University

posted: Thursday, August 11, 2016

TeenScreen is a nationally-recognized program developed by Columbia University to identify risk factors associated with depression, anxiety, suicide, body image, trauma and alcohol and substance abuse in youth.

Here in Marin County, TeenScreen is offered through Family Service Agency of Marin, a division of Buckelew Programs. Our mental health professionals conduct voluntary screenings in local schools. The program has been growing each year and just expanded to middle schools in addition to high schools.

Through a recent agreement with Columbia, Stanford University has been given access and shared rights to the TeenScreen Program. The Stanford Youth Wellbeing Initiative will continue to partner with Family Service Agency of Marin to support the TeenScreen Program and collaboration is underway to enhance and build on the program.

To read more about what Stanford is working on including TeenScreen and their First Annual Adolescent Mental Wellness Conference click here.

The theme of Stanford’s First Annual Adolescent Mental Wellness Conference, held August 5- 6 in South San Francisco, was "Breaking Down Stigma, Building Support for Youth Mental Health". Meredith McGarvey, LMFT, Buckelew's TeenScreen Program Coordinator, participated in a panel "What to do when your friend is in crisis", discussing peer-to-peer outreach and support for teens. In the audience were educators, parents, youth, and outreach community workers. The interactive presentation provided the audience with information about teen suicide and depression in addition to practical skills in how to help a friend in crisis and self-care. The presenters also engaged the group in a discussion about the stigma related to mental health and encouraged the audience to think about how we talk openly about physical health in comparison to the derogatory way we talk about mental health, such as “he’s crazy” or “she’s nuts”.

“I was deeply impressed with the young people who attended this conference,” said Meredith McGarvey, “their courage, emotional intelligence and insight gave me a lot of hope that we will be able to talk about mental health more openly in the future without fear of stigma.” 

TeenScreen now affiliated with Stanford University