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Taproot Foundation helps us grow together

posted: Friday, May 26, 2017

We are excited that Buckelew Programs was recently awarded $70,000 worth of pro bono services through the Taproot Foundation. Like the core root of a plant that inspires their name, Taproot nourishes nonprofit organizations like Buckelew Programs by connecting them with the expertise and insights of professionals who volunteer their skills in areas such as marketing, design, strategic planning and human resources through pro bono service.

The energetic and dedicated volunteer Taproot team is working with our staff, board members and community stakeholders to help us move forward on our path to becoming a more integrated and cohesive organization.

When FSA and Helen Vine Recovery Center became part of Buckelew Programs, things continued for the most part to operate like they always had. To help us achieve our strategic goal of being an integrated, full-spectrum provider, it is essential that we complete the integration of the services formerly under the FSA umbrella, and Helen Vine, with the other services of Buckelew Programs. We are now moving forward with that integration.

This means that later this year, there will likely be changes to our name, our logo, and our website. Stay tuned!

We truly believe that this integration of services will enable us to become more effective in providing all our services and to continue to be relevant and competitive in the ever-changing world of health care.

Taproot Foundation helps us grow together