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Spotlight on Residential Support Services: Karen's Story

posted: Wednesday, November 25, 2015

When 25-year-old “Karen” came to Buckelew Programs 10 months ago, she had been hospitalized multiple times and was struggling with psychosis, depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. She had also recently become homeless. Karen moved into one of our Residential Support Services (RSS) sites, a cozy single family home shared with other clients in a quiet residential neighborhood in San Rafael.  

At RSS, staff is on site 24/7 to provide meals, medication supervision, help with independent living skills and symptom management, vocational and educational support, as well as social activities. Residents can stay as long as they need. Some have lived in RSS for 20 years, others move on to more independent living when they are ready, such as our Marin Assisted Independent Living (MAIL) Program. Karen’s experience at RSS turned her life around. She began to develop a trusting, therapeutic relationship with the caring and empathic staff who assisted her with building self-esteem, coping with her illness, and improving her social skills. 

Today Karen is successfully managing her medications and finances independently, working part time at a local grocery store and pursuing her goal of going back to school. She also has renewed and strengthened her relationship with family and is considering moving in with them, or moving into Buckelew’s MAIL program. Wherever she decides to go, Karen now feels confident that she will continue to build on her success and greater independence.

Spotlight on Residential Support Services: Karen's Story