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Roadster is raising funds for Helen Vine

posted: Monday, September 25, 2017

Roadtrip anyone? You'll sure to be turning heads riding around in this little beauty! Bid on it at http://www.helpmarindetoxcenter.com/ and the proceeds of the sale will support our Helen Vine Recovery Center.

The story behind it is just as amazing as the car itself:

When local author William Gordon donated this beautiful 32 Roadster to Lawrence Automotive and said “fix it up and sell it for a good cause”, Larry Levstik, the garage owner, did not have to think twice about where he wanted the proceeds to go: “Helen Vine Recovery Center saved my life. I like to practice at serving what saved me.” Mr. Gordon wholeheartedly agreed, as he himself lost two grown children to drug overdoses, and was eager to contribute to help those struggling with substance abuse.

Larry, who is deeply committed to the recovery community, put up a website dedicated to this very special fundraiser – which comes just in time to help us raise money for the upcoming big move of our Helen Vine Recovery Center to its new location! We are so grateful to Larry and William for their kindness and generosity! What an amazing community we live in!

For more information and to bid on the roadster visit helpmarindetoxcenter.com

Roadster is raising funds for Helen Vine