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posted: Tuesday, December 15, 2015
Dear Friend,

Emotional pain is not as obvious as a broken leg. It’s easier to hide. And too often, the stigma attached to mental health and addiction stops us from seeking help. Yet each one of us could be confronted with a sudden crisis that shatters our world: mental illness, grief and loss, abuse and trauma.

We are here in times of crisis. The many faces of Buckelew Programs are…

… our neighbor’s son who had a psychotic break in college and now has support and a safe home at Buckelew;
… our co-worker battling alcoholism who began a road to recovery at Helen Vine Recovery Center;
… our daughter’s depressed and suicidal pre-school teacher who found relief and renewed hope thanks to her Family Service Agency counselor.

When we put a face on mental health and addiction issues, we see the person behind the statistic; we see the faces of neighbors, friends and family.

This year more than 12,000 people received Buckelew services that improved their lives, including housing, independent living skills and job training, early mental health screening, counseling, suicide prevention, and addiction recovery support. 
Please make a gift today to support these vital services! 
As the Chair of Buckelew’s Board of Directors, I am grateful for your investment and honored to be part of an organization that creates a healthier community, one life at a time.

I hope that the stories and successes shared in our annual report will inspire you to give as generously as you can to help those who are facing mental health or addiction challenges. 

Wishing you a peaceful holiday season and a happy new year, 
David C. Green, Board Chair

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Please support our holiday appeal!