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MarinScapes 2019 June 20-23

posted: Thursday, February 07, 2019

This year we’ve taken inventory and created opportunity to Re~Imagine our beloved fundraiser, MarinScapes. Last year we celebrated our 30th Jubilee with an inspiring video history honoring the founders, Mary Welch and Sandy Yoffie, as well as the dedicated family of artists that have supported MarinScapes through the years. 


Picture this - guest curators introducing some new artists, a vibrant Gala celebration awash in the energy and color of our new logo, plus friends and supporters, old and new. Our guest curators, Donna Seager and Suzanne Gray, owners of Seager/Gray Gallery, in Mill Valley, were excited to be asked by the Buckelew Programs to create a special curation in conjunction with their annual Marinscapes exhibition, a wonderful tradition in Marin that raises money and awareness for their programs for mental health and addiction.  

"We want to create an installation that complimented the wonderful plein air landscapes that are such a part of the art history of beautiful Marin County, while  offering a contrast to traditional landscape by choosing artists whose work departs from the the norm and is created not outdoors but in their studio practice." 

We're excited to to working with Suzanne and Donna this year!   Do you feel called to action? Like to part of this historic year? We’re looking for volunteers:

  • Art Sales
  • Data Base Management (experience in Access)
  • Bartenders
  • Set Up/Clean Up
  • Installation Assistant (June 17-19)

Don't forget to save the date: June 20-23, 2019 Philanthropically committed and invested? Please ask our new sponsorship opportunities- one that includes a party- custom for you!!  Teric@buckelew.org    Prefer the phone? Me too  415.209.4153

MarinScapes 2019 June 20-23