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Doug McConnell to honor Dr. Marty Griffin at MarinScapes Gala

posted: Friday, June 03, 2016

This year, with the help of local nature enthusiast and TV host Doug McConnell, we will honor a very special man at the MarinScapes Opening Night Gala on June 23rd: Dr. Marty Griffin

When our featured artist Christin Coy painted her beautiful image of Bolinas Ridge she thought of one of her heroes, Marty Griffin, who saved the ridge from development back in the early 1960's.  Today Marty is considered an environmental icon across the nation. A lesser known fact about Marty is that he also supported the efforts of his late ex-wife, Mimi Griffin, one of the founders of Buckelew Programs.  

We at Buckelew Programs, Family Service Agency of Marin and Helen Vine Recover Center, as well as all our MarinScapes artists would like to thank Marty for saving so much beauty for the rest of us to enjoy. Being out in nature is healing for all of us, and many of Buckelew's clients find relaxation, peace and healthy exercise in the amazing scenery Marty helped to preserve; whether it's weekly hiking groups in Tennessee Valley, or the much anticipated annual camping trip to Samuel P. Taylor Park. 

And of course, the MarinScapes artists seek inspiration on our local trails - without Marin's spectacular landscapes, there would be no MarinScapes!

Doug McConnell to honor Dr. Marty Griffin at MarinScapes Gala