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Choosing great partners

posted: Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Sometimes circling the wagons  just means there’s a party in the middle…. That happened at our agency, Buckelew Programs, this November. With not much more than a deep desire to harness technology for fundraising, we engaged in conversation and eventually a project  with First Person Creative in San Francisco.

They  have a lot of experience in the tech space- creating for Cisco, eBay, The Warriors, Pager and a tech-ton more. First Person  also has social responsibility in their core values; working on projects for the benefit of Skoll and Nature Bridge. And now Buckelew Programs.

How do you know when it’s a core value and not just good business development?  This project for the benefit of Helen Vine Recovery Center was collaborative from the beginning, First Person took special care, the kind often reserved for “high end” clients,  to review , listen, create, repeat.  Never was there a “step up”, the kind that often sounds like, “For another 5k, you could get a bell and whistle..” and never were we diminished because of our budget or NPO status. We were equal partners, united in a worthy cause, executed in creativity and fun!  That feels great!

It is the embedded, core value of respect  for all the vested interests  in our socio-landscape that revels the core values of an organization.  Who do we want to circle up with with and why?  As we consider partnerships for 2018, It’s easy to apply a line from one of the recovery fellowships. “All of our new and renewed relationships are with equal partners.” This is the true expression of "Collaborative"

Who will you do business with in 2018?
(Oh, and that video we were making for #Giving Tuesday? It's here!)

Choosing great partners