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Carrie's Story

posted: Thursday, November 17, 2016

Carrie’s life looked perfect. She had a loving husband and two beautiful daughters. “I was a PTA mom. But when I got home at night, I couldn’t stop drinking. I was not a normal person when I drank.” After the death of her mother, Carrie’s alcoholism spiraled out of control. When she finally sought help at Helen Vine Recovery Center, it took several stays for Carrie to turn her life around. The staff at Helen Vine never gave up on Carrie: “Everybody at Helen Vine has always been so kind. They will love you until you can love yourself.” Today, Carrie volunteers at Helen Vine to help others on their journey of recovery. “I see people who have come through the door more than once, and I know that they can make it,” Carrie says, “it grounds me to help others.” 

Buckelew Programs’ Helen Vine Recovery Center is a licensed 26-bed co-ed residential detoxification program in San Rafael that provides welcoming, recovery-oriented detox services to individuals with alcohol and drug addiction issues and co-occurring psychiatric problems. In 2016, we secured a new location for the facility and anticipate that the move will be completed in spring 2017.

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Carrie's Story