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posted: Monday, November 20, 2017

What impact does our livelihood have on our mental heath and wellbeing ? Jackson spent most of his time playing video games and  feeling disconnected until he trained with Buckelew Employment Services.

It took a little time. And a lot of willingness! Jackson worked with our coaches, building his skills for clerical positions. Once he was confident, it was out of the classroom and into the community!  His heart set on something game related (his passion), Jackson and his job coach found an opportunity with a local electronic game retailer.This dedicated young man was granted an interview right on the spot!

One phone call later, the very next day, Jackson got the job!

“You could feel his happiness radiating from the inside” says Yolanda Marquez, Team Leader for Buckelew Employment Services in Marin. Purpose and passion, together for success. Jackson is working toward independence with a committed team behind him. We’re so proud of him!

BES Success Stories