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"Beginnings" helps moms and babies bond

posted: Thursday, August 20, 2015

With the help of a start-up grant from the Isabel Allende Foundation and the commitment of two generous donors, Family Service Agency of Marin (FSA) is launching Beginnings, a sixteen-week Parent-Infant Psychotherapy program that provides support to mothers as they nurture loving, healthy families. The program is designed to help new mothers identify and address histories of trauma and abuse that create serious obstacles to healthy parenting. 

“Children don't arrive with instructions, and the challenges of beginning life with a new baby can be daunting for many,” says Rachelle Averbach, FSA’s Clinical Services Director. “For parents who live in poverty, are isolated from their families, or bear the burden of personal trauma, parenting can be overwhelming and pose serious risks for children that can reverberate throughout their lives.”

This therapeutic program helps each mother understand how she can heal past trauma, learn how to bond with her infant, and provide consistent and loving care to raise a healthy child. 

For more information, visit FSA's website here.

"Beginnings" helps moms and babies bond