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A Fountain of Energy~ Buckelew Rising!

posted: Thursday, October 25, 2018

What People are saying…..

“It looks like a Frank Lloyd Wright design”   “I see a heart and wings”   “Do you see the phoenix rising ?”


Welcome to Buckelew Programs new brand and logo! Being reborn isn’t easy, ask anyone in recovery. Beginning in 2017, Buckelew teamed up with the marketing professionals at Taproot™.  Through a series of grants, we were mindfully guided to this historic moment.  Listening is key; through introspection, refection and interviews with partners, clients and board members plus the community, we found our natural alignment; renewed strength and flexibility, reaffirming Buckelew’s unified commitment to growth, and service to families and communities in Northern California, we proudly offer a path to Healthier Lives, Stronger Communities.

We’re a blended family!  We were invested and committed to creating both a look and culture that is a coming together; many parts united to form a whole, a sense of optimism and hope for a better future, cultivating resilience and focusing on upward  movement. We’re rising!

We’d love to hear what you think; especially  if you’ve been a longtime supporter of Buckelew Programs, Family Service Agency, Buckelew Suicide Prevention Program or Helen Vine Recovery Center. We’re glad you’re with us and look forward to making amazing memories together.




A Fountain of Energy~ Buckelew Rising!