Our Mission

Buckelew Programs’ mission is to promote recovery, resilience and hope by providing behavioral health and support services that enhance quality of life.

Our Vision

  • That those who come to us will experience the hope of recovery from mental illness, addictions and other co-occurring disorders; will achieve their goals and aspirations; and will experience significant improvement in their health and quality of life;
  • That our communities will be stigma free and will view Buckelew as its provider and resource of choice; and
  • That Buckelew will positively influence our profession through its leadership, advocacy, and exemplary clinical and administrative practices.

Our Values

  • In all we do, we instill hope.
  • We address the needs of the whole person—their mental and physical health—and  build on each individual’s abilities.
  • We provide a “safety net” to our community, by working to address the social determinants of health to better prevent and treat serious mental illnesses, serious emotional disturbances, substance use disorders, and other complex co-occurring conditions.
  • We strive to demonstrate best practices, efficient operations, and effective, measurable outcomes.
  • We promote an Agency environment that:
    • is rewarding for clients, staff and board
    • provides opportunities for growth
    • encourages participants to be actively involved in the development of quality programs and services
    • is responsive to input and concerns
  • In collaboration, our focus is to:
    • serve the best interests of our clients
    • effectively coordinate care
    • build mutual respect among collaborators
  • We honor our commitments and are accountable to clients, families, funding sources, and the community for quality service.

Buckelew Programs’ Environmental Values Statement

Buckelew is committed to developing innovative and flexible models of mental health recovery and wellness. Environmental responsibility and practices that promote sustainable lives are integral to that mission.

We fulfill this mission by a commitment to:

  • Understanding environmental issues and how they relate to the health and wellness of our clients and staff.
  • Modeling sustainability practices to one another, our clients, and our communities.
  • Striving to buy, sell and use environmentally friendly products and services.
  • Encouraging partners, supporters, and clients to share in our mission.

To make tangible our values in practice, Buckelew has established a Green Team, a group of volunteer employees that helps to develop company-wide initiatives that both educate and implement our sustainability goals. The purpose of the Green Team is to pioneer and champion environmentally friendly practices, to connect those practices and values to the delivery of client services, and to share that knowledge both within Buckelew and with our constituents.